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How to deal with a stressful custody battle

Disagreeing with your ex in regard to custody arrangements is tough. You will both claim to know what is best for your children, but as a result, they will be stuck in limbo. It is important to seek to resolve child custody disputes in a mature way, not only for your own convenience but for the well-being of your child.

How to fight for full custody as a California parent

In most situations, a child benefits from having a relationship with both of their parents. However, there can be times when one parent is not in the position to be a positive influence or a consistent figure in the child's life. If you believe that the other parent of your child is causing your child more harm than good, you may want to take action to fight for full custody.

How to talk to your co-parent about relocation

If you are considering a move to a new town or out of the state of California, this will almost certainly affect the child custody plan that you and your co-parent have in place. Even if you are excited about your possible move and the opportunities that it could create, it is likely that you will be nervous about bringing up the potential changes to the other parent.

What factors can affect decisions about child custody?

You probably already know this, but divorce can bring out many negative qualities in all involved parties. The intense emotions that typically accompany child custody proceedings, in particular, can make people behave out of their usual character. In most cases, each parent wants to make sure they get their fair share of time with the children, but unfortunately, this sometimes leads to an all-out custody battle.

How to make child custody exchanges comfortable for everyone

Child custody exchanges can be incredibly uncomfortable for parents and children alike. If you and the other parent cannot have a simple conversation without arguing then it might be best to put a plan in place for every exchange of custody to avoid fights. If you don't do it for yourself, you should do it for the sake of your children.

Not married? Protect your right to see your child

Child custody is a complicated situation whether you're married or not. If you're the father of a child and aren't married to the mother, you're in a precarious situation. You need to make sure you establish paternity, or you could have little or no right to see your child if you and the mother separate.

What is bird-nesting?

Unique child custody arrangements sometimes give you a better setup for your family than more traditional arrangements. After all, every child is different, every family is different and every divorce needs to take those differences into account.

The child custody exchange should be easy and safe

The exchange of child custody should be an easy event for all those involved. It doesn't take much to exchange the custody of your children. All you need to do is help your children exit your car and get into the other car. Help your children with their bags and anything else they have with them. This can become very difficult if you don't get along well with the other parent. Here's how to make this situation safe and easy for all in Vista, California.