Legal Guidance In Direct Payment Of Pensions

Anyone can tell you that divorces are complicated, especially when even one of the spouses are in the military. There are a lot of parts of a military divorce that people do not understand. People often assume that because there are certain requirements for a non-military spouse to receive health benefits from the military spouse, the same applies to pension benefits. Here at William H. Sams, Attorney at Law, I want to tell you that there is a whole different set of qualifications for the dispersal of military pension benefits.

While a military benefit of any kind comes with their own rules for qualifications and dispersal, a lot of the process can seem similar to a civilian divorce. Tensions can become incredibly high during asset division, and even worse when it comes time to claim the benefits. We can represent your side of things to keep from tensions to flaring.

We Understand How The Pension Process

The first thing to know about a military pension is that in order for an ex-spouse to receive their share of the pension, there needs to be a specific Clarifying Order in place to provide you with the benefits you are entitled to. A court order from a divorce property settlement does not cover the scope of a military pension.

We can help you determine the correct amount of pension benefits that you deserve from your marriage as well. The time you spent in your marriage does not entitle you to a straight 50/50 split of a pension. In fact, the is a formula to calculate the portion of a pension you deserve based on the amount of years you were married, and how long the military member served during and outside of the marriage. Let our experience guide you through the process of earning your fair share of a military pension, and ensuring that the amount you deserve will properly disperse when the time comes.

Take Confidence In Your Actions

Every state has specific rules for military pension benefits, including here in Florida. The actions you take today in regards to a pension benefit can have a heavy outcome years to come. Do not leave things to chance or even assume things will work out on their own. You need to take serious steps to protect your future, and we can help.

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