Know About Your Medical Benefits After Divorcing A Military Member

One of the added benefits to being married to a member of the military is having access to the health benefit program by the name of TRICARE. The basic family package of TRICARE is free to family members, and also offers other packages. While the military offers these benefits to their enlisted and their family, it is possible for ex-spouses to keep these benefits after a divorce.

I am William H. Sams, Attorney at Law, and I know how complex a divorce is, and how much worse divorcing a military member can be. I help reduce the stress and confusion of these divorces by taking on as much of the work in these cases as possible.

How You Can Earn And Keep Post-Divorce Benefits

In order to receive or keep these military benefits after a divorce, you need to meet the qualifications from a rule that is known as the 20/20/20 rule. This rule refers to the three qualifications that you need to meet:

  • Your marriage needs to have lasted 20 years
  • The military member needs to have served at least 20 years
  • The marriage and the military service need to have overlapped for at least 20 years

If you meet these qualifications, this entitles you to medical coverage through TRICARE until you are 62 years old, or until you are eligible for Medicare, whichever happens sooner.

While this rule will entitle you for comprehensive medical coverage, it isn’t the only method of qualifying. If the years of overlap only consist of at least 15 years, you still qualify for some benefits, even if it is not all benefits.

In order to keep these benefits that you qualify for, you need to remain unmarried, and you enrolled in The Continued Health Care Benefit Program within 60 days of your divorce date. We can also work with you to inform you about what rules you need to abide by to maintain your eligibility.

Begin Pursuing The Healthcare You Deserve From Your Military Divorce

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