When You Deploy, You Don’t Stop Being A Parent

It can be hard to find a balance between maintaining custody or visitation rights for your children, while also maintaining your duty to your nation in your military service. When your military service begins to interfere with the custody or visitation you have with your children, you have rights to protect that precious bonding time. Here at William H. Sams, Attorney at Law, I know what your rights are, and how to protect them.

I know that each of my clients come to me with a situation that is entirely unique to them, which is why I take the time to understand your specific needs, and what I can do to protect your best interests.

How We Help You Work With You Military Duties

The call your nation makes on you to fulfill your duties can come at any time. In some cases, your service is needed in another state, or even another country. This can be especially difficult when you have custody of your children. Most divorce agreements will specify how each parent is allowed to move when they are crossing state or nation borders. I can help you fight to modify your custody agreement to keep your children where they belong: with you. In some cases, it is possible for modifications to last only the duration of your service, and revert back to normal when you return.

Each state offers their own unique protections for military parents in these cases, including California. Nationwide, the Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) protects military members in regards to custody battles, California also provides their own laws to offer additional benefits. The state allows military members to request to reschedule court meetings to before your deployment, as well as allowing you to attend a hearing through teleconference if you are already deployed.

Let Us Protect Your Family While You Protect Our Nation

If you are facing custody or visitation issues due to your military service, you can still fight to protect your time with your children. If you are in the Vista area, contact my office for a free initial consultation with a compassionate lawyer you can trust to fight for your needs. Call me at 760-657-2257 or email me here to take the first step towards defending your family.