A Trusted Move-Away Lawyer

In today’s fast-changing world, it’s common for divorcees to move to a new city or state. When a child is involved, this is called a move-away.

There are many reasons for a move-away. A parent with physical custody of a child loses their job. A better job that will improve family’s standard of living becomes available. A parent wants to move back home where it is less expensive to live and extended family can help. A military parent receives permanent change of station orders, sometimes to another state or country. The wife or husband of a military member wants to move with their spouse who has orders out of the area.

Did you know that a noncustodial parent can stop the other parent from moving their child out of San Diego, even if the custodial parent has sole legal and physical custody of the child?

A noncustodial parent discovers, sometimes at the last moment, that the other parent is moving and their visitation with their child will become impossible. Sometimes the custodial parent assumes that the other parent has agreed to the move, only to find out at the last moment that the other parent has filed court papers preventing the child from leaving San Diego County.

The law in move-away cases is complex and rapidly changing. If the noncustodial parent does not agree to the move-away and a court order is necessary, it is important to file for the court order promptly. In some cases, it may be months before the court will hear the case.

I, William H. Sams, have successfully represented my clients in this challenging and rapidly changing area of the law. I have negotiated new visitation plans to make a move-away possible, meeting the needs of both parents. When negotiation does not work, I fight hard for my clients in court. I have had the court change physical custody from one parent to my client to keep a child here in San Diego. I obtained a court order allowing a remarried mother to take her child to central California to live with her new husband. I enabled my military client to be able to have their child accompany them to Italy for an overseas tour of duty. I can help you too.

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