Protecting Your Children No Matter The Circumstance

Nothing is more important than your children. We want to think that parents will always look out for their children’s best interests, even if circumstances push the parents apart. Unfortunately, children can become tools that an angry parent uses against the other parent. Who protects your rights to your children? Who protects your child’s right to have you in his or her life?

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Fathers’ Rights And Paternity

There are special considerations for the children of parents who are not married. It is crucial that you know your legal rights as a parent. Unmarried parents need to have a judgment of paternity that clearly defines child custody, visitation, parenting plans and support. This is important if the relationship with the other parent ever breaks down. For fathers, a judgment of paternity can protect your rights to your children. For mothers, it can ensure your children’s financial support.

Special Considerations For Military Families

There are many special considerations that a military couple going through a divorce has to think about:

  • How do deployments and PCS orders affect child custody and visitation?
  • How is support determined?
  • Will a divorce negatively impact my career in the military?

As a former military judge and JAG, I can help answer these questions.

Financial Considerations

California law provides that both parents have a general obligation to support their minor children, both natural and adopted, whether or not the parents were married. Child support can be requested by one party from the other through an action for dissolution of marriage, legal separation, nullity, paternity or other actions. The amount of support is determined by a formula. However, having an experienced attorney on your side is important to ensure that you receive the correct amount.

Visitation And Parenting Plan Agreements

Your visitation agreements or parenting plan can be creative. I want to help you find an agreement that works for both parents and that is in the best interests of the children. Courts may decide to delay the sale of a house if there are minor children living in the home. Or it could be that you simply can’t sell the house right now because of the downturn in the housing market. Here, a nesting agreement may work, in which the children stay in the home and the parents move in and out according to their agreed-upon parenting plan. Family law mediation may be appropriate here. I can help.

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