Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer For My Divorce?

When you are considering divorce, are you asking, “Do I need to hire a lawyer for my divorce?” The answer in most cases is yes, you do. If there are children, real estate or any division of retirement plan involved, the answer is absolutely yes. Do you know all your rights? Do you know how the courts handle the issues in each case? At William H. Sams, Attorney at Law in Vista, California, I am ready to answer all of your questions. 

Let’s face it, most people did not plan on a divorce. They didn’t plan on raising their children as two separated parents. These are often tough and hard emotional times. They need help. They often ask friends who have gotten through a divorce for advice. The problem is that what happened in a friend’s or acquaintance’s case may not fit the unique facts of your case. Even “simple” cases often have traps and pitfalls. Most people are ill-advised to attempt do-it-yourself divorce with preprinted forms. Certainly, one of the most important events in your life is not the time to listen to “sea lawyers” or learn on your own. You need experienced and professional help. Saving a few dollars by trying to do this yourself may cost you thousands of dollars later. You may unknowingly set up a situation that has long-term adverse effects on you in the future. If you have children, the cost of a mistake can be even worse for them.

Representation You Can Trust

Whether you wish to end your marriage amicably with the help of a mediator or you need the help of a family law attorney in a conflict case, I will help you understand your options at William H. Sams, Attorney at Law.

I am an experienced family law attorney with the hard-won knowledge and skills you need to navigate the divorce process. I have extensive experience and have successfully represented hundreds of my clients in every kind of divorce, from the simple marital settlement agreement case to the most complex and aggressively litigated “train wreck” case. My understanding of divorce and custody issues and the emotions that are often involved in these cases and my insight into potential avenues of resolution are invaluable in obtaining success for my clients.

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Civilian Divorces

Though many divorces are very straightforward with both parties agreeing on the terms, many are not. Regardless of whether or not you and your spouse are arguing about aspects of the divorce, the only way to ensure your rights are being protected is with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer. Through legal training and experience, I am able to review all of the details of a divorce and provide my clients with guidance that is tailored to meet their specific needs. I can give straightforward advice that allows them not only to understand the terms of the divorce now but also how the terms may impact their futures.

Military Divorces

Divorces that involve a member of the military can have additional complications due to the benefits that the military provides to its members and their families. Many of my clients who are considering a military divorce are concerned about if and how the benefits will continue once they are no longer married to the member of the military. If you do not have an attorney for a military divorce, you may be unaware of the ways in which we can protect your benefits. I have extensive experience handling military divorces and can explain your rights and options, whether you or your spouse is a military service member.

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