Compassionate Lawyer For Your Child Custody And Child Support Needs

Things can get heated quickly in child custody and support cases. While it is easy for a parent to get swept up in getting the best side of things, it is even easier to forget that these benefits are for the benefit of the children involved in this divorce. Here at my firm of William H. Sams, Attorney at Law, I know how to keep our efforts focused on the best interest of your children.

I have years of considerable experience in both military and civilian divorces in California, and have come to learn a lot from our years of serving our clients. What still stands true after all those years is that both parents need to be sure that they are doing what is best for their children. I can help you to be sure that you do exactly that.

How Our Experience Benefits Your Family

The benefits of your children in divorce cases fall into two categories: child custody and child support. Though both of these areas are for the benefit of your children, they each come with their own issues:

In child custody cases, parents will decide how they will divide the time spent raising their children. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on your own, then the decision will fall onto the courts. The court will utilize psychological evaluations to help determine who is the more fit parent for majority or sole custody. I can help you prepare your best reasoning to keep your children with you. The custody agreement also will specify parental rights, such as where each parent can live in terms of moving out of state when they have primary custody of the children.

For child support, it can be hard to find the right amount when emotions get involved. The parent paying child support commonly thinks that the payee is trying to take more than is necessary from them, while the payee typically believes that they are not receiving enough for having majority custody of their children. My experience can help make sure that the amount of child support covers exactly that: the support of your children.

In both of these areas, I know that circumstances can change, which is why I am also able to help you modify these agreements to keep current with your changing life. If your career takes you outside of California, you may need to gain legal permission to move outside of the state with your children. Whether you are seeking to modify your agreement, or keep it the way that it is, we can help you.

Begin Seeking What Is Best For Your Kids Today

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