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Once a divorce is finalized, the terms that are set in the decree are to be followed at all times. However, when the question of “Can I change the terms of my divorce agreement?” arises, the answer is often yes. In certain types of situations and with certain issues, it is possible to modify the terms of your divorce. It is essential, though, that you do not just decide to change them on your own. A court needs to approve the modification and officially change the terms of your divorce in order to make it legally enforceable.

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Divorce Agreement Modifications

Changes to a divorce decree are called modifications. To be eligible to modify an aspect of your divorce, you must have experienced a change in circumstances. This can be the loss of a job, gaining employment, remarriage, the birth of a child/children after remarrying and other life-altering events. If this has occurred, it may be possible to seek changes to aspects of your divorce, including:

Modifications Without Court Approval

Deciding to change the terms of your divorce should be a decision that you come to with the help of your lawyer. If you begin to act in a manner that is not in accordance with your divorce decree, the other party may seek an enforcement and/or contempt action against you. You may be facing consequences such as jail time if these actions are taken.

This is why it is important to go through the court system when a change needs to be made. If a change needs to be made and you can show the court why it is needed, it will often be approved and the modification applied. However, the other party has the right to fight the modification. If he or she does not think it is warranted, then it is up to the court to decide what is in the parties’ best interests.

I represent clients on either side of a modification issue — either seeking the change or attempting to stop the modification from being approved. I have extensive experience handling modifications and can help you understand not only the likelihood of approval of a modification, but also how it will impact your life.

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