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When is it time to bring your marriage to a close?

Divorce rarely happens out of the blue. The decision to bring a marriage to a close tends to be made over time -- and the reasons for pulling the trigger are many and varied. As family law attorneys, however, we see many of the same reasons again and again. Some of the reasons are the ones that build over time, and others are "final straw" type events.

Study finds that divorce is more likely if friends get divorced

A very interesting study came out at the end of 2018 that may shed some light on the factors that influence divorce. It claims that people who have close friends that end their marriages are much more likely to think about getting a divorce themselves.

6 things your ex may do during a contentious divorce

It's safe to say that your ex is not happy to be your ex. They're not happy about the divorce. Maybe they're angry that you asked for the divorce or perhaps they're still angry about the reasons your relationship broke down. Either way, it's safe to say that it's going to be a contentious divorce. You know that your ex is feeling emotional and may try to take it out on you during the case.

Can you relocate with your children after divorce?

Moving after you get divorced can get tricky. If you have custody of your children after the divorce, but your co-parent has visitation rights and sees the children twice a week. One visit is just for dinner during the week, but they also spend Saturday afternoons together.

Divorce, debts and property division

The emotions you experience during a divorce may not be the same as what other people go through, but they're very legitimate. As someone going through a difficult time, or perhaps even a happy time, depending on the circumstances, you know that a divorce is still complex.

Divorce and college: What to consider as parents

One of the issues you may need to approach as parents entering divorce is how to address your child's college education. For many students, the financial burden that comes from going to college falls on them, because their parents are separated and supporting their own households. That doesn't have to happen, but it often does.