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Does race play a role in a custody case?

As someone in a mixed-race marriage, you know that your divorce could make things complicated. Not only do you have mixed-race children, but you also have family on both sides to consider. Culturally, you and your spouse may be different, but for your children's sake, you need to make your cultures work together.

Parenting plans: Providing security to your child with routine

Parenting plans are plans you and your spouse or child's other parent put together to describe how your child will be cared for during every day of his or her life. For example, you need to know where your child will be on holidays. You need to know emergency numbers. You need to understand medical needs and where your child's doctors are.

What happens with custody if both parents are in the military?

When you and your spouse are in the military, it can be hard to know what to do about child custody during your divorce. You both face deployment, and that can strain your relationships. Custody rules are complicated in these kinds of situations, but one main factor is the same: The decisions that are made need to benefit your child.

Man accused of child abduction points out custody dispute issues

Child custody cases can quickly become contentious, and without the right mediation, they can turn into child kidnapping cases. While not all parents would turn to such extreme measures, those who feel they have no chance to be with their children might do so.

Victoria Azarenka will miss the U.S. Open during custody dispute

Imagine being unable to leave the state during a custody battle. For most people, it wouldn't matter, but what if your job required you to travel? That's the problem in Victoria Azarenka's situation. She'll have to miss the U.S. Open as a result of the ongoing custody battle between her and her ex-boyfriend.