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How to deal with a stressful custody battle

Disagreeing with your ex in regard to custody arrangements is tough. You will both claim to know what is best for your children, but as a result, they will be stuck in limbo. It is important to seek to resolve child custody disputes in a mature way, not only for your own convenience but for the well-being of your child.

Resolving a child custody dispute may seem impossible, but it can be done when you implement the right mindset and take positive steps toward finding a solution. The following are some tips on navigating this difficult process.

Be careful about which advice you take

When going through any difficult time, it is common to want to seek advice from friends, family and informative sources. It is important to be critical of the advice you get, however. For example, taking advice from a friend who has been involved in a toxic custody battle for years may not help you to resolve your issues in a healthy way.

Be aware of why you are taking certain actions

Understanding the reasons behind your own behavior can sometimes be difficult, because we tend to be on autopilot much of the time, only reacting to situations. By considering why you might be communicating in a certain way when with your ex creates the opportunity to adjust your future behaviors. Acting in a way that supports and protects your children is always advisable. Behaviors that root from anger, jealousy or spite will never lead to a positive outcome.

If you want to resolve the toxic relationship between you and your ex and come to an agreement on custody, it is important that you understand the law in California. An experienced attorney can answer any questions you might have concerning child support.

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