Divorce rarely happens out of the blue. The decision to bring a marriage to a close tends to be made over time — and the reasons for pulling the trigger are many and varied. As family law attorneys, however, we see many of the same reasons again and again. Some of the reasons are the ones that build over time, and others are “final straw” type events.

Do any of these divorce reasons sound familiar in the context of your situation?

Marital problems that build up over time

1) No commitment. When one spouse isn’t committed to the marriage or partnership, it soon becomes apparent. The more committed spouse can feel lonely, as if the relationship isn’t evenly matched. This builds resentment over time and can drive the couple apart.

2) Continued conflict. The conflict could be over anything, or it could be difficult to put your finger on what exactly is wrong. When the conflict never goes away, it builds toxicity in the relationship.

3) Repeated infidelity. A single case of infidelity isn’t always enough to end a marriage, but repeated infidelity certainly can erode a spouse’s patience and cause him or her to wonder if the relationship is worth it.

Final straw incidents that could bring an immediate divorce

1) Domestic violence. If a spouse who becomes physically violent or emotionally abusive doesn’t inspire an immediate divorce, it should.

2) Infidelity. Many marriages simply aren’t able to endure the trust problems that stem from missteps in faithfulness.

3) Substance abuse. If your spouse has a substance abuse problem, they won’t resolve the problem until they want to. Non-addicted spouses often realize that their only way to experience happiness is to end the relationship.

Are you contemplating divorce?

Deciding to divorce is never easy. Understanding what divorce will be like — and your legal rights and options in the process — will help you to evaluate your circumstances to make better decisions. Our law firm is available to talk with you and provide you with all the information you need.

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