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Dividing sentimental assets in a divorce

When you are getting a divorce, you may initially try to dismiss the division of assets as "only money," arguing that your peace of mind, as well as the happiness and well-being of your children, is the only thing that truly matters.

However, as you sort through your possessions, it is likely that you will realize that many of your assets hold a strong sentimental value to you, full of memories that you want to keep. These items may also be very sentimental to your divorcing spouse, and this is why splitting up the community property can be so difficult.

Deciding how to divide your family home

The family home is possibly the most financially valuable and sentimental asset of all. If you spent many years rearing your children in the home, you may not be able to let go of it easily. If one spouse wants to keep the family home, it can be possible to buy out the other spouse. If there are other significant marital assets, they may be used to offset the value of the family home through a trade-off.

Disputes regarding artwork and antiques

Artwork and collectible items can be challenging to divide because they may hold a high sentimental value even if they hold little to no financial value. A spouse may try to hold onto a sentimental piece through spite or bitterness. Mediation can be a good place to start in resolving these disagreements.

If you want to successfully divide marital assets without unnecessary disputes, it is a good idea to start the process early.

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