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Can I adopt as a single parent in California?

If you are wanting to adopt, it is likely you will know that the controls that you will be subject to will be quite stringent. The government wants to make sure that vulnerable children in the foster care system are only adopted by responsible, loving and safe people who will help them to grow and live in a safe space. This is why, when you are going through the adoption process, you will be subject to background checks.

However, many people in nontraditional households, such as single parents, worry that the fact that they intend to raise the adopted child alone will be a barrier to a successful adoption. It is important that you understand the way that the law works so that you are able to address any worries like these.

Factors to consider when adopting as a single parent

There is no reason to say that you should not be able to adopt as a single parent in California. As long as you are able to provide a safe and loving home, it is likely that you will be successful in the process. However, it is important that you consider aspects such as your support system before deciding to enter such a big chapter in your life. You should consider the ways in which your friends and family will be able to support you when raising a child, and how you will be able to balance earning an income with raising a child.

If you want to adopt a child as a single parent in California, an attorney can help you start the adoption process.

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