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Study finds that divorce is more likely if friends get divorced

A very interesting study came out at the end of 2018 that may shed some light on the factors that influence divorce. It claims that people who have close friends that end their marriages are much more likely to think about getting a divorce themselves.

Specifically, if you know people who are divorced or are in the process of splitting, it means that your odds of divorce sit at a staggering 75 percent. Even if you have a friend who knows someone who got divorced, regardless of how close you are to that second person, the likelihood sits at about 33 percent.

The suggestion from the study is that divorce is, in a sense, just as "contagious" as something like the common cold. If you're around it a lot, your odds of divorce increase. You respond to your environment.

Why does this happen? There are many potential reasons. It could be that a lot of couples who want to get divorced feel like they should stay together if they don't know anyone else who has gotten divorced. Once they see it happen, it gives them the catalyst that they need to move forward with the process themselves.

They may also see the results of those divorces. Someone who worries about life after divorce may not worry so much if they can see that a close friend is very happy after ending a marriage.

Of course, the specific reasons are different for every couple, and these are just two examples. The key is to understand when divorce is coming and what legal rights you have as you move forward through this process.

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