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Know what you gain or lose during a military divorce

If you plan to go through a military divorce, you may have some concerns about the process. You'll likely want to know which spousal benefits you can retain, whether you'll receive moving costs or continue to have health care benefits.

It's wise to look into the specific benefits you'll receive, but there are some that may be issued to you despite a divorce. Here is a short list.

1. Health care benefits

The loss of health care benefits is just one thing you will need to account for during a military divorce. You will likely lose TRICARE benefits, but you can buy up to three years worth of temporary coverage under the Department of Defense's Continued Health Care Benefit program.

If you have children, the good news is that they won't lose their health insurance coverage. They can continue to receive coverage until they are 21 or until age 23 if they go on to enroll in college.

2. Overseas travel

If you have to return to the United States from overseas, the military may pay for the move home. In a stateside divorce, both spouses can also negotiate payments to help one move within the United States, depending on distance and need.

It is important to know that you'll likely lose family housing within 30 days of moving out of the installation home. Be cautious about when you separate, so you know you have somewhere to go.

These are a couple important facts about your pending military divorce. The right knowledge can help you plan better for yours, so make sure that you learn all about your rights and responsibilities before filing.

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