If you are a parent in the military, the prospect of divorce will be a very tough thing to go through. It is likely that you will worry about how your relationship will change with your children, especially if you are likely to be deployed in the near future.

It is important that you try to work with your divorcing spouse as much as you can. By trying to work amicably, issues will become a great deal simpler. The following are some tips to consider as a divorcing military member in the state of California.

Take advantage of counseling services

Military spouses can benefit from free counseling services when they are still married. This can help you work through the issues that have led up to your divorce so that you can put the past behind you. In addition, counseling may help you make decisions on the outcomes of the divorce and child custody.

Be honest with your children

It is important to explain to your children the situation, no matter how old they are. You should be honest in an age-appropriate way, but you should also be neutral. You should never try to blame your divorcing spouse in front of your children.

Focus on the future

Instead of dwelling on the lead-up to the divorce, it is important to imagine a positive future for you and your children. A divorce can lead to the strengthening of a parent-child relationship.

If you are going through a divorce as a military member, it is important to understand your legal rights. An attorney can help.

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