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January 2019 Archives

Where should a military member file for divorce?

Your military service likely means you have been transferred from post to post, and you might not have any real roots where you're stationed. California, for example, might just be your temporary home or a stop on your way to another assignment, and you've left your family behind in another state so your spouse can keep their job and your kids can stay in the same school.

Can I relocate with my child?

Single parents who wish to relocate with their children may run into serious roadblocks when the other parent disagrees. If the other parent has shared legal custody and visitation rights, for example, it could be impossible to get the relocation approval you desire. Nevertheless, parents might still be able to fight for their wishes in court if the right factual circumstances are present.

Does California use equal division or equitable division?

You got married outside of California, but you lived here for 10 years before filing for a divorce. Now that your marriage is ending, you realize that you never considered how the divorce laws in the state may be different than they were where you got married.

Study finds that divorce is more likely if friends get divorced

A very interesting study came out at the end of 2018 that may shed some light on the factors that influence divorce. It claims that people who have close friends that end their marriages are much more likely to think about getting a divorce themselves.