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6 things your ex may do during a contentious divorce

It's safe to say that your ex is not happy to be your ex. They're not happy about the divorce. Maybe they're angry that you asked for the divorce or perhaps they're still angry about the reasons your relationship broke down. Either way, it's safe to say that it's going to be a contentious divorce. You know that your ex is feeling emotional and may try to take it out on you during the case.

Knowing what to expect is very important. It can help you prepare for some challenges that lie ahead of you. Here are six things that your spouse -- soon-to-be your ex -- may do:

  1. Try to take custody of the children just so that you cannot see them.
  2. Attempt to cut you off financially or take marital assets out of your control; for instance, your spouse may cancel a joint checking account and move the money into a personal account.
  3. Attempt to get information from your email accounts, social media accounts or phone conversations.
  4. Make verbal agreements and then back off of them in the future.
  5. Try to delay the divorce process and drag the whole thing out as much as possible.
  6. Make false allegations saying that you mistreated them or that you mistreated the children. These could be very serious allegations, such as claiming that you physically or emotionally abused them.

When things start to spiral out of control like this, it is important to know all the legal options you have to navigate such a complex situation and protect yourself and your future.

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