Alimony is generally a part of a divorce agreement. This amount of money may be paid for a time in support of a lesser-earning spouse or as a sort of compensation for the support given during a marriage. If you are paying alimony, then you need to be aware of when alimony should end.

Hearing that your ex-spouse is getting remarried might be good news for them, but it’s also good news for you. Alimony normally ends once a person remarries. It’s not only cut off by marriage, though. It can also end if there is clear, convincing evidence that a person is in a substantial relationship and cohabiting with another person for a period of one year or longer, but this depends on the judge’s understanding of the case as well as the evidence you can provide.

What should you do if you are paying alimony and find out that your ex-spouse got remarried?

If you were not informed about the marriage, then it is very important that you reach out to your attorney as soon as possible. The other party should not be entitled to alimony any longer, so it is necessary for you to seek a modification of the court order.

It is not fair for another person to seek financial support from an ex-spouse if they have remarried. The law protects you in this circumstance and can help relieve your obligation to pay alimony. Our site has more on what to do if you’re in this situation or if you have another problem related to family law.

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