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November 2018 Archives

Use these tips to handle a divorce during Christmas

Christmas is kind of an odd time of the year. When things are going well in your life, it is a time of great joy. However, when your personal life feels out of control the holiday can be very depressing. Divorce is one of the events that often make people feel as if they have lost control of their lives.

How to make child custody exchanges comfortable for everyone

Child custody exchanges can be incredibly uncomfortable for parents and children alike. If you and the other parent cannot have a simple conversation without arguing then it might be best to put a plan in place for every exchange of custody to avoid fights. If you don't do it for yourself, you should do it for the sake of your children.

What happens to alimony when you get married?

Alimony is generally a part of a divorce agreement. This amount of money may be paid for a time in support of a lesser-earning spouse or as a sort of compensation for the support given during a marriage. If you are paying alimony, then you need to be aware of when alimony should end.