Military divorces are sometimes complicated, particularly if you’re deployed. If you are deployed and want a divorce, you are able to file for divorce during deployment. However, you have to keep in mind that you still have time on deployment and won’t be able to step into court any time soon.

For the spouses of deployed military members who are served with divorce documents, there are steps to take. Initially, the best thing for either party to do is to talk to an attorney about the situation. Deployment will likely draw out the length of this divorce, but that also means that the spouse who is not deployed has more time to get documentation together for the court.

Both parties need to gather documents for the divorce. For the deployed military member, that might be difficult to do presently, unless a friend or other party can collect them and deliver those items to the attorney in their stead. The spouse living stateside can collect documents in the meantime.

You and your spouse have to be separated for at least six months after the date of filing for divorce, so this is often a good thing when deployment is concerned. If the service member is going to be deployed for several more months, there’s no real risk of conflict until the waiting period has passed. Usually, spouses don’t have to wait for the service member to return before the separation period begins.

This is just a little about a military divorce during deployment. Get to know your options, so you can move swiftly through your divorce.

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