Divorcing isn’t easy. It comes with trials and tribulations that you have to deal with. You might have an angry spouse or one who chooses to ignore you or your attorney. You might be dealing with your own anxiety or dread over your impending divorce.

It’s always important to take care of yourself during a divorce. There are a few ways to help yourself get through a divorce more easily, even if you’re not happy about it happening. Here are three tips.

1. Don’t beat yourself up

To start with, you have to realize that divorces require two people. Both parties are responsible for their actions during a divorce. It’s a hard situation for anyone, even when there are no hard feelings. Remind yourself that this isn’t a failure, it’s just a learning experience.

2. Be financially responsible

Another thing that can help is being financially responsible. You’ll likely need a good amount of money to support yourself without your spouse’s support. You’ll also need money for attorneys and other fees. Prepare for divorce by saving up in an account that is only in your name.

3. Gather financial documents early

Instead of waiting until you’ve asked for a divorce to gather your documents, do so as soon as you think that you want to divorce. These are essential in proving your assets, so get them early and make copies. These will help as you work through the division of your assets.

These are a few ways to get through a divorce more easily. The right attitude and preparation can help you resolve the divorce sooner.

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