There are two kinds of divorces, the digital, online divorce and a common divorce. Many people believe that they can complete their own forms and turn in an online divorce, but it’s a complex process that you shouldn’t take for granted.

The reason many people turn to an online divorce is that it allegedly saves money. Filing in California tends to cost between $139 and $149 online for simple divorces. Overall, it’s a quick way to get a divorce, but it could result in costs down the line.

Why is an online divorce a bad idea?

You have no assistance from an attorney, which means that the documents may or may not be completed accurately. On top of this, you may forget certain assets or not get the support you need when asking for property. While online divorces do have attorneys prepare papers for divorce, the settlement and other factors will come down to your agreement with your spouse. In many states, you cannot have children or complicated divorces and use a simple online form.

Although it costs more, a traditional divorce is typically better for anyone who has been married for a period of time. There are many experienced attorneys who can help you best identify your assets and other factors that will impact your case. Your attorney may be able to help you negotiate or get a better deal than if you filed online. Typically, you cannot file an online divorce if you have major concerns such as child support or alimony. It typically has to be a no-fault divorce, although this is not the case for every service.

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