Divorcing spouses can hire a mediator to work through divorce disputes or represent themselves in court. Ex-spouses may even file for divorce without a lawyer using court provided documents. While these option may seem more simple and inexpensive, the result is more than likely to lead to a courtroom disputes later on.

Here are a few reasons why a “Do It Yourself” divorce is not a good idea.

Inexperience with self-representation

If you decide to represent yourself in court, you will be expected to understand the same procedures, laws and necessary documents as a lawyer. Further, you’ll need a strategy for how you will negotiate disputes, conditions and the terms of your arrangements.

As they say, “practice makes perfect,” and lawyers have plenty of law and courtroom practice.

Estimation errors

Those who are unfamiliar with property distribution often have a tendency to make financial estimation mistakes, such as under- or over-estimating the value of their assets or incorrectly estimating their individual income and expense ratio. These mistakes could easily lead to an unreasonable distribution of assets and disproportional spousal or child support payments. These issues are likely to require future legal proceedings to correct. 

Policies that don’t hold up

If your documents aren’t worded or filed in a way that makes them legally enforceable, you’ve efforts will have gone to waste. A lawyer with experience writing policies and finishing divorce paperwork can translate what you want into legal language that will hold up in court if issues should arise in the future.

Contact an experienced divorce lawyer to learn more about how a lawyer help you even just for a few hours. An attorney can ensure the legitimacy of your documents and provide you with sound advice based in past experiences and law knowledge. strategy to settle your divorce easily.

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