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August 2018 Archives

Divorce isn’t a DIY project

Divorcing spouses can hire a mediator to work through divorce disputes or represent themselves in court. Ex-spouses may even file for divorce without a lawyer using court provided documents. While these option may seem more simple and inexpensive, the result is more than likely to lead to a courtroom disputes later on.

Not married? Protect your right to see your child

Child custody is a complicated situation whether you're married or not. If you're the father of a child and aren't married to the mother, you're in a precarious situation. You need to make sure you establish paternity, or you could have little or no right to see your child if you and the mother separate.

Divorcing? Why you need to determine your date of separation

There are many reasons why you should know the date you separate for your divorce. It starts the clock on many things, like the number of days you've lived separately or when you should stop being held responsible for your spouse's purchases.

Do you have to divide your assets 50-50 in California?

In California, property division is 50-50 thanks to the community property state's guidelines. Community property-based divorces don't have to result in you giving up half, though. In fact, it's only marital property that is divided, so if you can show that you have property that belongs only to you, then you can seek to have it returned to you and not treated as community property.

Can my children receive military benefits after the divorce?

Divorce can be tough for many military parents because they find it difficult to support their children after the separation. Even if they do not get to spend as much time with their kids as before, they still want their children to receive benefits from their military status. The military offers different financial opportunities that can help parents prepare for the future of their children.