Unique child custody arrangements sometimes give you a better setup for your family than more traditional arrangements. After all, every child is different, every family is different and every divorce needs to take those differences into account.

One such agreement is known as bird-nesting.

The “nest” is the family home. The children remain in this home, 100 percent of the time, even after the divorce.

Since the parents are sharing custody, they both deserve to have time with the kids. Traditional arrangements meant that the kids moved back and forth, from one house to the other. With bird-nesting, it is the parents who move. For instance, they may switch out of the home every three or four days. They both get their time with the children in their family home.

Where do they go on the off nights? Some stay with family or friends. Others rent apartments. You may consider renting or buying a second home and sharing that, as well.

The advantage here, as one expert put it, is that you do not make the kids feel “uprooted.” They still have a home, a place where they feel like they belong. They see both parents there. It is familiar, comfortable and simple. They spend less time in the car and they get to stay near the same schools, neighbors and friends.

For parents, it is a massive change. But some parents choose to do this to benefit their kids, even when it is hard.

As you can see, there are certainly some unique child custody ideas out there, and you need to make sure you consider all of your options during a divorce.

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