The person authorized to help you with a power of attorney is one of the most important legal representatives you can name in your estate planning documents. You don’t want to pick just anyone either. It’s not something you pick out of a hat. You need to trust the person you pick as your power of attorney to handle your affairs should you become incapacitated.

As you go through your list of family and friends who can be trusted with a power of attorney, you need to eliminate those who aren’t sticklers for detail. You need to pick someone who will read your living will and understand the instructions. The person needs to look at all the details and not miss a single thing.

The person you choose must also have an understanding of finances. The person will be responsible for handling your financial accounts and other assets if you wind up incapacitated. This means that the person with power of attorney will not only be managing their own finances but also those that you have at the same time.

Whomever you choose should also be comfortable speaking with financial planners, doctors, lawyers and other professionals. They will be involved in plenty of discussions about your future if you are incapacitated and management of your financial and medical concerns.

Now that you know just how important your choice for power of attorney is, you can begin the selection process. You should always speak with your choice first before putting his or her name down in writing in your living will. This will help you avoid having to redo these documents at a later date.

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