An interesting thing to know about divorce is that the number of people dealing with it varies throughout the United States. Sometimes, a difference in where people live and what they do for a living seems to make a difference in the rate of divorce.

According to a study performed by WalletHub, residents in Fremont, California, are at the top of the list for healthy living. Fremont has been identified as the least-stressed city in the entire country.

How did Fremont get ranked as the least-stressed city?

The researchers looked at a few things, like divorce rates and financial stress. Residents of Fremont were said to rank the lowest for financial stress and also divorce, which is telling, since many divorces are a result of financial stresses.

The residents in the city also had low poverty rates and high median credit scores, showing a picture of an area with a decent economy and an established middle class.

There is no easy cure to prevent divorce, but what this study shows is that stability in an economy could be a factor in keeping marriages together. With less stress, lower commute times and an overall better quality of life, it’s unquestionable that Fremont is the least-stressed city in the United States.

That’s not to say that people don’t get divorced there or that there aren’t problems that people face. Regardless, a balanced life can help save some marriages from deteriorating. For others, divorce may be the only option, no matter how serene the environment is or how comfortable their lifestyle has become in their cities.

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