Going through a divorce is never easy. It becomes even more difficult when there are children involved. You might not know how to tell them about the divorce or how to handle their emotions. Once the divorce is finalized, you will begin to plan for child custody arrangements moving forward. This can be an even more difficult situation. Then, there’s the issue of child support. What can it be used for in California?

For starters, child support payments should be used to feed and clothe your children. This is a great way to ensure that your children are fed regularly and have the proper clothes to wear throughout the different seasons in California.

You can also use these payments to help pay for housing. You might now be able to afford rent in Vista because of the payments. Or, you could put the payments towards a monthly mortgage bill. Need to pay high utility bills? Use the money here as well.

Recipients of child support payments can also put the money towards the education of their children. Even public school education isn’t completely free. There are activities fees, sports fees, tutoring fees, class trip fees and book fees.

When you care for your child, do you find yourself spending a lot out of pocket when it comes to his or her health? If so, the payments can be used to offset these bills so you do not accrue debt.

As you can see, child support payments can be used for quite a few different things in Vista. Make sure you use the payments appropriately so your child is taken care of from day one.

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