The exchange of child custody should be an easy event for all those involved. It doesn’t take much to exchange the custody of your children. All you need to do is help your children exit your car and get into the other car. Help your children with their bags and anything else they have with them. This can become very difficult if you don’t get along well with the other parent. Here’s how to make this situation safe and easy for all in Vista, California.

Find a neutral location for you and the other parent to meet. Once you find this location, you need to make it the meeting place each time custody is exchanged. Also pick a time and stick with it. Make sure you are on-time each time so you don’t upset your children or the other parent.

A great neutral location is a fire department, a police station, a library, a school or even a shopping center. You will especially want other people around if you struggle to have easy discussions with the other parent. Getting in an argument in front of your children is never a good idea.

If you need to ask a neutral third party to attend the exchange you should do so. This can be a police officer, a teacher, a firefighter or anyone else in the area during the child custody exchange.

It’s not difficult to make the exchange of child custody in California easy and safe for your children, the other parent and yourself. Be sure to follow the tips outlined today to help you make the exchange safe in Vista.

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