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June 2018 Archives

Creating a parenting plan helps balance your child's life

Child custody is an important part of any divorce. You need to decide how your child will fit into your life following a divorce, just as you did during your marriage. You should be able to work out a plan where your child sees both parents and has the support he or she needs to feel comfortable in this new situation.

Fatherlessness is a problem to recognize in America

Divorces normally resolve around children, making sure they get the best possible outcome. However, that isn't always what happens. When a father has to be away from his children, it can make them feel distant. For many families, this leads to a kind of fatherlessness that has to be addressed.

What happens when you get a divorce in California?

California is a state that values equality, and this is shown not only in how people are treated there under law but also in how it protects those going through divorce. California is a community property state, meaning that each person is entitled to half of the assets acquired during a marriage or domestic partnership with few exceptions.

Adopting in the military: Knowing the benefits

Adopting when you're in the military may seem difficult, but the truth is that there are benefits to doing so. Military families have benefits when they're on active duty including up to $2,000 that the military will pay individuals to cover adoption expenses. The military also allows for 21 days of leave, aimed at helping you bond with your child and health care benefits for the child prior to the adoption's finalization.