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June 2018 Archives

Credit card debt and divorce in California

Filing for divorce in Vista, California, is never easy, even for couples that have struggled with their marriage. What a lot of divorcing couples don't realize is that any and all credit card debt acquired during the marriage will be divided in a divorce. Let's take a look at how this is done so you have an understanding of what you will be responsible for when the divorce goes final.

How do I deal with divorce while in the military?

Joining the military is a significant decision to make in one's life. This can be a very difficult decision to make, especially if you are getting married, are married or are headed for a divorce in Vista, California. This becomes even more difficult when you have children with the spouse you are divorcing. So, how do you deal with divorce while in the military?

The child custody exchange should be easy and safe

The exchange of child custody should be an easy event for all those involved. It doesn't take much to exchange the custody of your children. All you need to do is help your children exit your car and get into the other car. Help your children with their bags and anything else they have with them. This can become very difficult if you don't get along well with the other parent. Here's how to make this situation safe and easy for all in Vista, California.

Uses for child support payments in California

Going through a divorce is never easy. It becomes even more difficult when there are children involved. You might not know how to tell them about the divorce or how to handle their emotions. Once the divorce is finalized, you will begin to plan for child custody arrangements moving forward. This can be an even more difficult situation. Then, there's the issue of child support. What can it be used for in California?

How social media influences your divorce

Divorce is a complex situation, but when you add the pressures of social media, it can make it a living nightmare. With more people using social media platforms than ever, it makes sense court rooms are incorporating public profiles into custody hearings and divorce settlements.