Divorces are hard, and with everything you deal with in your daily life, it might make things extremely stressful. Even if you and your spouse agree to divorce, there are sure to be times when you disagree.

There are some ways that you can make a divorce a bit less stressful. One is to make time for yourself. Another is to be willing to negotiate. Finally, knowing when to call in a mediator is a good piece of information. Here’s more on how to get through the stress of divorce.

1. Take time for yourself

After the initial blow of a spouse seeking divorce, you may be angry or frustrated, hurt or distracted. Take a few days for yourself, so you can let the situation calm and take time to get refocused. Once you’re in a better state of mind, you’re able to approach the divorce from a different perspective.

2. Be willing to negotiate

If you can, be willing to negotiate. Divorces always appear to take years in movies and ads, but that’s not always how divorces work. It’s possible to have your divorce move smoothly, but you need to be willing to work together with your spouse. If you and your spouse can’t get along, then it’s time to consider mediation.

3. Know when to call a mediator

A mediator is a third-party adviser who listens to both sides of the story and helps you come up with solutions that work for your situation. A mediator does not make decisions for you, but he or she does have information about related laws or acts that can help you make informed decisions about property division, child custody and other arrangements.

These are three things you can do to make your divorce easier. Take your time and focus, so you can get through it quickly.

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