When you don’t have custody rights for your children or you withhold custody from the other parent, you need to know that you could get into trouble with the law. You could end up losing your right to see your child or children, too.

If there’s ever a concern about custody, it’s important to talk to your attorney about it before you do something rash. Taking your children out of the other parent’s custody or keeping them longer than the court order allows could put you in a negative position. You could end up facing charges for abducting your children or be accused of parental kidnapping.

That could happen in this case, but at the moment, the authorities just want to speak to the father of a child who was abducted. A man who may have abducted his children over a custody dispute is being sought out by police in Southern California. According to the news, the man took his three children from his estranged wife; only one of the children is his biological child.

Originally, the officials reported that this was an abduction, but later, detectives clarified. They believe this is a custody dispute and not yet a criminal matter, but they still want to talk to the man responsible.

Situations like this are typically avoidable with the right help. Mediation can help parents come to agreements about custody, or you can go to court to seek better custody arrangements. There are few reasons to ever flee with your children, unless it’s for their safety. Even then, the court needs to be involved in your case.

Source: ABC 7, “Riverside police looking to question man in possible custody-dispute abduction,” Dec. 25, 2017

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