When you’re ready to get a divorce, you know you have to divide your property. What about your child’s property, though? You and your spouse are planning to share custody, so where should the bed and other items go? Should they stay in the family home? If you move, should they go with you or your child’s other parent?

This is a particularly interesting thing to have to decide, especially if your child is old enough to want to have a say. Normally, if you’re staying in the same home, you’d leave your child’s things there. However, if you and your spouse are moving, then you may decide to divide up the items, so each of you has less to purchase in duplicate for your child’s new rooms. Your child may also have a preference for where the items go, which could influence your case.

In the case that one of you had primary custody while the other had visitation, it would make sense not to purchase two of everything or to divide your child’s things between homes. However, since you’re planning to share custody, you need to consider your child’s needs at both homes equally.

If you are the parent who is not getting your child’s present assets, then you may want to discuss getting compensated by the other parent, so you have more funds to purchase new items for your child.

Our website has more information about divorce and what you can do to get through the property division process. With mediation services and other options available, it’s easier to come to an agreement that you and your spouse are both happy with.

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