When you want to adopt a child, you might run into an issue where you’re not married but want to adopt with your partner. Whether you’re hetero or homosexual makes no difference; a domestic partner adoption requires you to have at least parent go through the adoption process if he or she is not related to the child but would like to obtain parental rights.

A domestic partner adoption secures two legal parents for your child, but it is a major step. It might be a good option for you if you adopted a child as a single person in the past, created a child with help from a donor or got remarried and would like your new spouse to legally have rights when it comes to raising your child.

It is important for domestic partners to go through a secondary adoption because this is the only legal way to make sure both parents are recognized by the law. With a legal adoption, it is possible to make medical decisions and to travel with your child, for example, even if you are not biologically related.

If you want to go through with an adoption, you should do so as soon as possible. The process can’t be completed until after a child is born, but the process can be started at any point in the child’s life. It can take some time to complete the process, so starting sooner is a better idea for most people.

Our website has more information on adoption and what a domestic partnership adoption may mean for your family. With the right help, you can guarantee that your child has two legal parents to provide for him or her.

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