Imagine being unable to leave the state during a custody battle. For most people, it wouldn’t matter, but what if your job required you to travel? That’s the problem in Victoria Azarenka’s situation. She’ll have to miss the U.S. Open as a result of the ongoing custody battle between her and her ex-boyfriend.

The man filed documents in Los Angeles seeking custody. Azarenka lives there, and she has been told she is unable to leave the state of California with her infant son, an 8-month-old child, as long as this dispute is ongoing. The case isn’t expected to end until October, so she has decided to opt out of the U.S. Open instead of leaving her child with her ex-boyfriend.

Oddly, despite being offered a plane ticket and accommodations, her ex-boyfriend refused to go to the U.S. Open with Azarenka and their child. It’s also been alleged that the current judge has not been willing to defer to a court in Belarus, which is where the woman already has a custody order in place.

If you’re struggling with a situation like this and can’t miss work, there may be alternative solutions to the situation, like leaving your child with a mutual friend or in the care of a daycare or babysitting service. You shouldn’t have to miss work over a custody battle, and your ex-spouse or partner should remember that you have obligations. Your attorney can help you fight to maintain your right to your child and to be able to go to work to support the child you love.

Source: New York Post, “Victoria Azarenka to miss US Open amid nasty custody battle,” Jaclyn Hendricks, Aug. 11, 2017

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