Divorce attorneys have been through hundreds and maybe thousands of cases, so it’s no surprise that they’re familiar with the ins and outs of a divorce. Divorces aren’t just legal paperwork; they require the parties to negotiate and to spend time and money focused on the end of their marriage. As such, there are often emotions involved in decisions and times when an attorney has to address real concerns with his or her client’s plans.

Divorces can bring out the worst in both parties, but it’s important not to let yours determine what you decide when you’re negotiating a settlement. You should never accept an agreement just because you want to get your divorce over with. Your future is partially dependent on what you decide during the divorce negotiations, so you should take time to make sure you get everything you deserve.

If you or your spouse plan to make a major purchase soon, do so before the divorce. If you don’t, the state may issue an automatic financial restraining order. That limits you and your spouse from making major purchases until after the divorce is finalized. If you were worried about your spouse blowing through your savings while you were sorting out your finances during the divorce, that could be a relief to you. It’s usually not possible to liquidate assets through large purchases without throwing up a major red flag.

Divorces are hard on both parties, but following the law and being civil is necessary. If you’re worried about your assets or custody issues, your attorney can help educate you and talk to you about what to expect.

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