You and your spouse have lived together for a while, but you never really obtained assets or decided to start a family. Something just never felt right, and now, you know you want to get a divorce.

If you want to get divorced and have a simple case, you may be able to get a summary dissolution. This is an easy way to get a divorce. Most people won’t qualify for this type of divorce, but if you do, it’s a faster, simpler method to do so.

To qualify, you’ll need to show that you’ve been married for less than five years and have no children together. You may not own land or property together. You may not be renting land or buildings except for your current home so as long as you do not have a year-long lease or an option to purchase the home.

Additionally, you may not have accrued $6,000 or more in debt since your marriage. This debt, called a community obligation, does not include car loans. Additionally, you may not have acquired more than $41,000 since your marriage, not including your vehicles.

Finally, if you own separate property, it must not be valued at $41,000 or more. You must both agree not to receive spousal support and have a signed property division agreement prior to filing for the dissolution.

If you think this is the right kind of divorce for you, your attorney can help you file the correct documents with the court. This is a quick process, since you have few items to negotiate, which can help you move on with your life at a faster pace.

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