As a parent of a young child, you want to make sure you get as much time with him or her as possible. Your divorce shouldn’t mean that you don’t get to see your child grow up or have time to make memories together.

Child custody is sometimes contentious during a divorce, but it’s important to remember to put your child first. Your child didn’t decide to live between homes, so it’s necessary to take precautions to make him or her feel comfortable with these changes.

One thing to remember is that children do feel the stress and strain of a divorce. They may be sad or act out because of what’s happening. Even if you and your spouse can’t get along, it’s the right time to talk to your child, alone or together, about how much you love him or her. Talk positively about the changes that are coming, and save fights and arguments for when your child isn’t around.

If you and your spouse can’t agree to a custody arrangement, then a judge will make that determination for you. It’s a better idea to talk to your attorneys and to try alternative dispute resolution techniques if you cannot agree. That way, you may both come up with a plan that suits your schedules while considering the best interests of your child.

Once the child custody arrangement is settled, you can set your focus back on spending time with your child. If your ex-spouse attempts to prevent visitation times or holds back child support, that’s when you may wish to involve your attorney. Our website has more about the situations you may face as you move forward with your divorce.

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