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Evaluating the pros and cons of international adoption

Deciding to proceed with adopting a child is one of the biggest decisions that you will ever make. Once you have made the decision to adopt, there will be many other considerations that you will need to make regarding the nature of the adoption.

As well as deciding whether you want to embark on an open or closed adoption, you will also need to decide whether you want to adopt within the United States or intentionally. If you are considering international adoption, you should take the time to understand the pros and cons.

How are debts and assets divided in California?

In California, the legal theory of community property is recognized. This means that when a married couple goes through a divorce, the marital assets they share will be subject to a 50-50 split. This may sound simple in theory, but in reality, there are several considerations that should be made.

It is important to understand how debts and assets are treated in a California divorce. Planning ahead can be extremely beneficial for the financial outcome of your divorce.

How to deal with a stressful custody battle

Disagreeing with your ex in regard to custody arrangements is tough. You will both claim to know what is best for your children, but as a result, they will be stuck in limbo. It is important to seek to resolve child custody disputes in a mature way, not only for your own convenience but for the well-being of your child.

Resolving a child custody dispute may seem impossible, but it can be done when you implement the right mindset and take positive steps toward finding a solution. The following are some tips on navigating this difficult process.

Does a divorce decree get you out of debt?

When you decide to get divorced, one of your goals is to make sure your spouse takes on your joint credit card debt. You take other debts in a trade, and they agree to it. Your divorce decree specifies that your ex is supposed to pay off the credit card companies.

But is that enough to get you out of debt? Not necessarily. "You can't show your creditor the divorce decree and say you're no longer liable for the debt," warn financial experts.

2 age ranges that make divorce more likely

How old were you when you got married? Your answer could tell you a lot about how likely it is that you will get divorced.

Studies have found that divorce is least likely for those who get married between turning 28 years old and turning 32 years old. These marriages tend to be successful and last the longest -- though no marriage is guaranteed to be immune to divorce.

How does being in the military impact divorce?

Any marriage is a private civil matter, and therefore, issues arising within a marriage should be addressed in the way that the two spouses involved see fit. Going through a divorce as a member of the military is theoretically no different from any other divorce, but there are some military-specific issues that should be taken into account.

There are several military services that could help support you and your spouse when you are going through the process of divorce. However, the military considers divorce to be a private matter that should be dealt with by the courts.

Can I adopt as a single parent in California?

If you are wanting to adopt, it is likely you will know that the controls that you will be subject to will be quite stringent. The government wants to make sure that vulnerable children in the foster care system are only adopted by responsible, loving and safe people who will help them to grow and live in a safe space. This is why, when you are going through the adoption process, you will be subject to background checks.

However, many people in nontraditional households, such as single parents, worry that the fact that they intend to raise the adopted child alone will be a barrier to a successful adoption. It is important that you understand the way that the law works so that you are able to address any worries like these.

Dividing sentimental assets in a divorce

When you are getting a divorce, you may initially try to dismiss the division of assets as "only money," arguing that your peace of mind, as well as the happiness and well-being of your children, is the only thing that truly matters.

However, as you sort through your possessions, it is likely that you will realize that many of your assets hold a strong sentimental value to you, full of memories that you want to keep. These items may also be very sentimental to your divorcing spouse, and this is why splitting up the community property can be so difficult.

How to get more parent-time during deployment

It’s hard for anyone to be away from their child during deployment. But, for those who aren’t married to their child’s other parent, it may become regular to spend large amounts of time living in separate states.

However, there are a few things you can do to maintain your relationship with your child and get the most out of the parent-time you can have.

How to avoid court when filing for a divorce

If you are going through a divorce, and you want to minimize the stress that you are subject to, you may want to avoid court. Going through a trial to decide upon things such as asset division and alimony can be unnecessary, especially if you and your spouse are on good terms. In addition, avoiding court can save a significant amount of money.

Many divorcing couples are now choosing to go through alternative dispute resolution in order to come to an agreement regarding the divorce settlement. Alternative dispute resolution can come in many different forms and can involve mediation, arbitration and collaborative family law.