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Child custody as a military parent in California

If you are a parent and a member of the military, you may find it difficult to balance your military life and your family life. It can already be difficult to explain the realities of military life to your children in a way that they can understand. If you are now facing a divorce, it is possible that your future relationship with your children is something that is also on your mind.

It is possible to maintain a great relationship with your children as a single parent in the military. The fact that you are a military service member should not affect your ability to gain custody of your children. It is important that you understand how the law applies to single parents in the military.

Property rights as an unmarried couple

If you are living with your partner but you are not married, you may wonder how the property will be set divided in a situation where your relationship ends. Marriages offer a certain degree of security when it comes to the way in which marital assets are divided, but an unmarried couple may face a greater degree of confusion when going through their separation.

If you buy a house with your significant other, it is important that you consider under what terms you are buying the asset. It is vital that you do not overlook the possibility of separation in the future. There are two main ways that you can jointly own an asset with another person.

Should I text my ex after separation?

If you and your now ex-spouse recently separated, you're probably wondering how to handle this kind of break-up.

Will cutting off all ties outside of divorce lead to a strained proceeding? Is it in your kid’s best interests to try and stay friends? Here are a few communication guidelines you should follow to make the split easier on yourself.

Dealing with modifications after a divorce

When a divorce is finalized, most people feel a sense of relief knowing that the logistical processes surrounding their separation are finally complete. They may be surprised, therefore, if their ex-spouse takes action to try and modify some part of the divorce agreement a few months down the line.

Under certain circumstances, it can be possible for a divorced spouse to modify certain rulings that were made during the process of divorce. For example, they may want to change the amount that they are receiving or paying for child support, or they may think that the current spousal support ruling is unfair given the current circumstances.

Are you an artist going through a divorce in California?

In a divorce, going through the process of dividing assets can be complicated and stressful, even in the most straightforward of scenarios. However, if you are an artist or an art collector, you will have to go through the process of dividing assets that can be very challenging to value. These assets will also likely hold sentimental value or be seen as a lucrative investment.

When you are researching the topic of asset division, it is important that you understand the laws in California, and that you also take the time to grasp how artwork and similar assets are viewed in relation to marital assets.

Challenging the enforcement of a prenuptial agreement

If you are going through a divorce in the state of California, you may wonder if the agreement is still valid -- or, possibly, if it can be challenged and broken.

There are actually several ways in which you can potentially challenge your prenuptial agreement. This is usually done by contesting some of the circumstances surrounding the way in which the prenuptial agreement was presented to you in the first place. The following are some of the most common ways to challenge a prenuptial agreement.

How to talk to your co-parent about relocation

If you are considering a move to a new town or out of the state of California, this will almost certainly affect the child custody plan that you and your co-parent have in place. Even if you are excited about your possible move and the opportunities that it could create, it is likely that you will be nervous about bringing up the potential changes to the other parent.

A conversation about relocation can be a very difficult and complex one. It is important that you try to be as open and honest with the other parent as you can. It also helps not to take the other parent "by surprise," when possible. For example, mentioning that you are considering applying for a job out-of-state and gauging the other parent's response before you apply for that job is much better than announcing that you have been offered a job in another location and that you plan to move there soon.

How to broach the topic of a potential child support change

Sometimes things stay the same for a long time. Then, in an instant, everything can change. If recent life changes have made it difficult for you to keep up with the cost of your child, it may be time to consider making a modification to the support arrangement.

But, how can you bring up this topic to your ex without damaging your co-parenting relationship? Here are a few tips to prepare.

Divorcing in the military as a parent

If you are a parent in the military, the prospect of divorce will be a very tough thing to go through. It is likely that you will worry about how your relationship will change with your children, especially if you are likely to be deployed in the near future.

It is important that you try to work with your divorcing spouse as much as you can. By trying to work amicably, issues will become a great deal simpler. The following are some tips to consider as a divorcing military member in the state of California.

Dealing with a grandparent dispute in child custody matters

If you are a parent of a young child, you will know how important the role of the child's grandparents can be. Grandparents can often play a vital role in the upbringing and care of a child; however, they can overstep the line, and in doing so, disputes can arise.

If you are experiencing difficulties when it comes to the grandparents of your child, it is important to understand how to manage these disputes effectively. There are some laws in place that address these issues, so it is a good idea that you become familiar with these laws so that you can feel more confident in resolving the issues.