Benefits Of Mediation

As the majority of divorce cases in California are settled outside of the courtroom, it is important to understand mediation and why it is so beneficial. Some clients that are seeking a divorce are eager to go to trial and fight in litigation without understanding why that is not a good idea and why mediation could be the better option.

For starters, having a mindset of contention and litigation is going to take not only more time but also more money. Litigation can take several months and even years. And even then the issues get determined by a judge, and the parties may or may not particularly like the decision.

That is why people seeking a divorce should at least consider mediation and understand its many benefits.

Why Should I Consider Mediation?

Divorce and family law mediation has been the choice method for many of my clients over the years. In mediation, an attorney can still make sure your rights are upheld and advocate for your goals in a divorce, but it comes without the contention and costs of litigation. Here are some of the major benefits of mediation:

  • Saving time: Unlike litigation, which can take years out of a person's life, mediation is generally conducted in a day.
  • Saving money: Mediation is almost always more cost-effective than litigation. Since divorce can have financial stresses as it is, this is certainly something to consider. By using mediation, you can save on court costs and attorney fees.
  • Having a voice in your outcome: In mediation, both parties have a say in the final outcome. Where in litigation a judge has the final say, in mediation the parties can negotiate the terms of their divorce agreement and cater it to their needs.
  • Non-binding safety net: There is also the safety net of mediation being non-binding. As your attorney, I could then go on to advocate for you in court should either party change their mind and decide they did not want to go forward with the settlement agreed to at mediation.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, I encourage you to discuss your legal options with me in a free initial consultation. You can contact me online or call toll free at 760-659-2257.