Draft And Review Of Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement can bring peace of mind and relieve a couple from fears or uncertainties about the future. Many people do not understand what the legal effects of marriage are. Are you responsible for debts on your spouse's credit card, even if it is only in their name? Does your spouse have a claim on what is in your bank account, even if it is in your name? Does your spouse get part of your retirement benefits that you earn during marriage? Can a prenuptial agreement change the rules? Why are most store-bought or Internet prenuptial agreement forms not worth the paper they are printed on?

I am attorney William Sams, and I help couples prepare a solid foundation for marriage. I can guide and help you address your concerns in a private, secure and caring environment. As an experienced family law lawyer, I will prepare your agreement under the provisions of California law. Take control over your life; don't give it to the courts.

A prenuptial or postnuptial agreement can define what happens to property, businesses or other assets acquired during the marriage. Will it be community property or individual separate property? You can agree to conditions of spousal support (alimony) if there is a divorce (dissolution of marriage) or separation in the future. A prenuptial agreement allows you to go into a marriage clear-headed, with financial responsibilities and expectations clearly spelled out. A postnuptial agreement can be created after the marriage has taken place, but achieve the same goals as a prenup.

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Experienced In Drafting Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is more than a piece of paper. It requires careful planning, full disclosure of each party's assets and liabilities, and a full understanding by both parties of all their legal rights and the effect of the agreement on those rights. A good prenuptial agreement is developed and completed well before the marriage, not at the last minute. When it is done right, each party feels secure in the knowledge that they as a couple have taken control over their own marriage. They have chosen not to let someone else — a court, in public for everyone to see — tell them what they have to do. Their agreement is personal and private.

In second marriages, a prenuptial agreement is particularly important to provide for your children and to acknowledge your financial relationship with your new spouse and possible stepchildren.

Military Marital Agreements

If you are in the military, a prenuptial agreement can protect your career and military benefits. As a former military judge and JAG, I know the impact a divorce can have on a career and on military benefits. Spelling out the property division and division of military retirement by agreement in advance makes sense for all involved — those serving the military, their spouses and children.

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