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California is an amazing state. It is unique in many areas. That is especially true for the California laws that govern divorce. Even the name is different. California calls it's divorce a "dissolution of marriage." The law here is different, in many respects from many states and it is changing all the time.

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Child Custody And Support

Child custody and visitation is almost always the most important issue to married parents. Raising children is challenging. Are there safety issues? Alcohol or drugs? Domestic violence? Abandonment? How well do the parents work together for their children? Do they agree on school, child care, religion? What do the children think? Can the parents reach an agreement and not have a judge or social worker tell them how they must co-parent their children?

Today the mother is not presumed to get full custody. There are no cookie-cutter plans; what happened in your friend's case may not happen in yours. Your situation is unique. Your children are unique. Let me help you to get the best possible plan for you and your children. The law acknowledges the importance of having financial support as well as emotional support from both parents for their children.

California has very specific mandatory guidelines that calculate child support. Don't assume that even if there is a 50/50 custody and visitation plan that there will not be any child support. Don't assume that the person paying child support will get the children as tax deductions. You need the experienced professional help that I will give you.

Changes in the Law

One thing is sure. The law is always changing. There are always new cases that redefine or change how the courts apply California divorce law. Spousal Support, Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support. Move Away cases where a parent wants to move a child out of San Diego County. What worked in friend's divorce case may not apply now. Federal laws also change, and the National Defense Authorization Act of 2017 has radically changed how California's authority to divide an active duty member's military pension in Military Divorce cases. There is only one way to know how the law will affect you. An experienced attorney. Contact attorney William Sams today for your initial free consultation.

Property Division

Even simple short marriages may have complex property division issues. California is a community property state. Property acquired in another state that does not have community property may be treated by California as community property. Debts, including credit cards solely in the other spouse's name, may be a community debt that both parties are liable for.

Who gets the use of a house, apartment or vehicle pending the dissolution? What if the house or vehicle is "upside down?" What about businesses created or grown during the marriage? Retirement plans? Military retirement? What forms about property must be completed before the case can be finalized? I will help you learn the answers to all of these questions and explain how the outcome may impact your life.

Attorney Fees And Costs

There are new laws in California designed to ensure both parties equal access to the court and legal representation. There are no court-appointed lawyers. The new law considers if one party has more income or assets than the other and if that party has control over the finances. The court may order that party to pay part or all of the other's attorney fees and costs. I can help you with this new law.

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