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New military retirement system a headache for attorneys

If you're getting a divorce from someone who is in the military, it might be in your best interests to wait until 2018. While you might want to get your divorce over with as soon as possible, the new retirement system being implemented could throw your settlement off in the future. It's best to find a way to include it in your settlement at all costs.

Supreme Court ruling could change your military divorce agreement

In a landmark case, the Supreme Court determined that the spouses of military retirees who suffer from service-related disabilities may end up with a reduced share of the individual's pension. When a military member elects to receive disability pay from the Veteran's Association, it offsets what he or she owes to his or her spouse, and ends up gaining the military member a higher income in exchange.

Your job can raise the risk of a divorce

If you knew that your job could potentially lead you to divorce, would you change fields? It's an interesting question that often can't be answered, because people are already set in their careers. However, a study has been able to highlight the fields most likely to result in divorce for those under 30 years old.

Military divorce case heads to the United States Supreme Court

When you're in a marriage with a military member, there are special rules that can apply to you upon divorce. For example, depending on the length of time you've been married, you could be entitled to part of your spouse's pension or retirement pay.

Are members of the military more or less likely to divorce?

A marriage where one spouse is in the military can be challenging to say the least. Stress levels are particularly high during deployments. Multiple separations of various lengths over time force spouses to question whether their marriage can even survive.

When marriage ends for military servicemembers

While the emotional elements remain the same, unique legal issues arise when it comes divorcing spouses where one or both service in the military. From the initial filing to the final resolution, soon-to-be ex-spouses must not only face the personal challenges inherent to life-changing times, but also complexities of the laws governing military divorces.