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Military pensions are up for grabs during a divorce

A military divorce has many factors. When you decide to get a divorce and are in the military, you need to decide on how you want to move forward. Do you want to focus on getting or avoiding paying spousal support? Do you want to get the custody arrangement you prefer? Maybe you're most concerned with the pension. Whatever the situation, you need to develop a plan for your negotiations.

If you fear for your life, you need a protective order

There are many times in life where things don't go as planned. If your marriage is one of those things, then you may be leaning toward a divorce. If you're concerned that telling your spouse you want a divorce may turn violent, you should learn more about a protective order.

Military divorce and custody: Relocation and visitation concerns

Your spouse is in the military, and you've decided you want to get a divorce. You have two beautiful children together, and you want to make sure they're supported during this time. Since your spouse is often deployed, you want to keep your children in your custody primarily.

If your child support is too high, you need an attorney

Getting divorced can be difficult. Not only is your primary relationship dissolving, you probably have to move and are now expected to pay child support. You can only see your children one night during the week and on alternating weekends and holidays. That can be frustrating and heart-breaking. If your child support level is too high, that can leave you in a really difficult position. Of course you want to support and care for your children. However, you also have living expenses to consider. Many times, the temporary support orders during divorce are created without all the necessary financial information.