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January 2018 Archives

Does race play a role in a custody case?

As someone in a mixed-race marriage, you know that your divorce could make things complicated. Not only do you have mixed-race children, but you also have family on both sides to consider. Culturally, you and your spouse may be different, but for your children's sake, you need to make your cultures work together.

Military divorces: The differences you need to know

When you're in the military, the military tends to take precedent over other parts of your life. You may not want to place your duties over taking care of your family, but it's sometimes your obligation. Unfortunately for some, those military obligations can put a strain on their families and lead to divorces.

Divorce and debt: What you need to know

If you are heading for divorce and you have been married for at least seven years, you probably had time to accumulate some assets and some debt. While you are probably aware that you will have to split your marital assets with your soon-to-be ex-wife, do not forget that the debt will play a role in your divorce as well.