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December 2017 Archives

Community property in California defines asset division

California is one of few states with community property laws. Community property laws differ from equitable distribution laws since assets collected during a marriage are split equally between those getting a divorce. Any property obtained during the marriage automatically becomes marital property.

How can you prepare for a divorce?

No one likes the idea of a divorce, but everyone knows they have to prepare if they want to get one. Preparing for divorce ranges from getting up the courage to ask your spouse for a divorce to putting away enough money to hire an attorney. Here are some of the best tips to help you be prepared.

Get help with your military divorce to prevent mistakes

When you go through a divorce after you or your spouse has been in the military, one thing that will come up is your military retirement benefits. It's important that you work with an attorney familiar with military retirement, because there are a few kinds that could influence your divorce case.

Why would you get an annulment instead of a divorce?

A divorce isn't always what a married couple needs. Sometimes, an annulment is enough. An annulment differs from divorce, because it makes it appear like you were never married, not just that your marriage ended. An annulment is used to show that your marriage was not legal and therefore, was not binding.