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October 2017 Archives

New military retirement system a headache for attorneys

If you're getting a divorce from someone who is in the military, it might be in your best interests to wait until 2018. While you might want to get your divorce over with as soon as possible, the new retirement system being implemented could throw your settlement off in the future. It's best to find a way to include it in your settlement at all costs.

Marriage setbacks: There are ways to work through these issues

It's not uncommon for people to run into setbacks in their marriages, especially if you're in the military. With long deployments and other related factors, it's no surprise that spouses may be frustrated or lonely. You may find that your marriage is struggling, even though you thought it would last.

What happens with custody if both parents are in the military?

When you and your spouse are in the military, it can be hard to know what to do about child custody during your divorce. You both face deployment, and that can strain your relationships. Custody rules are complicated in these kinds of situations, but one main factor is the same: The decisions that are made need to benefit your child.

Military pensions are up for grabs during a divorce

A military divorce has many factors. When you decide to get a divorce and are in the military, you need to decide on how you want to move forward. Do you want to focus on getting or avoiding paying spousal support? Do you want to get the custody arrangement you prefer? Maybe you're most concerned with the pension. Whatever the situation, you need to develop a plan for your negotiations.